NCCPAP Scholarship for Accountants

Have you ever considered a career in accounting. The National Conference of CPA Practitioners is offering the NCCPAP Scholarship for graduating high school seniors with a minimum of 3.3 GPA. If you are interested in becoming a certified accountant, you should consider applying for a NCCPAP Scholarship. The ideal candidate should be a full-time student applying to or accepted at a two or four year college.

The average award is $1,000 and the deadline is December 15.

For more information about the NCCPAP Scholarship, go to

The purpose of the NCCPAP Scholarship is to assist future certified public accountants.

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Job Report due on Friday November 2nd

The job report is coming out and so many people are eager to see how well the job market is doing right now. A third party company (“ADP”) came out with increased payroll data earlier this week and it reflected that the job market is starting to pick up once again.

ADP handles payroll and benefits for some of the largest companies in the United States and this data is independent of any government agency.

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The Questions to Ask after Job Interview

If you have survived the job interview and your instincts suggest very strongly that you will be asked back for a 2nd interview or even offered a job, there are three questions you need to ask the interviewer.

These three questions are so important that if you fail to ask these three questions, there is a good chance you will never hear from the interviewer or a member of their HR staff ever again. You should consider it the “closing of your sales pitch” and without a closing and “wrap-up” session, you will not get the sale. No closing, no job!

How discouraging would it be to spend 30 minutes really working hard to become likable in your job interview (“people hire people they like”) and failing to “close” and thereby squander all of your hard-earned camaraderie simply because you made a critical mistake that only takes about 60 seconds!

These three questions are:

(1) What is the next step in the hiring process?
(2) When do you expect to make a decision?
(3) May I feel free to call if I have further questions?

These three questions are going to take you to the 2nd interview perhaps with a higher level manager or the job offer. It’s one of the two. It shows initiative on your part. It reflects your real desire to get the job. These three questions will set you apart from the other job candidates and leave a positive imprint on the interviewer’s mind. As the interviewer answers these questions, he or she makes a commitment to you.

As a result of the law of reciprocity, the interviewer will honor you by keeping his or her commitment to you whether it is a follow-up call on Friday by 5 p.m. or letter in the mail, simply because you honored him or her by asking sensible and proactive questions that clearly conveyed that you appreciated the opportunity to interview for the position.


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Start your job interview on the right foot.

Do you have a job interview coming up? You have a little anxiety? Your friends are telling you to just be yourself? Being yourself is the poor advice. You need to go into that job interview like its show biz and it’s a casting call you really want this part in the movie.

You have to go into the job interview like you want to win that Oscar Award and show of golden guy to all of your friends.

Just like in show biz, you need to know your lines. In other words, prepare an entire list of potential sample questions and prepare a two-three sentence answer to each one. Don’t memorize but know each answer cold so if any of the questions arise in the interview, you can switch into your “microcomputer” mode and mental quick-pick the question (or variation) and respond with solid confidence.

First impressions are everything when it comes to the job interview. Find out in advance what to wear and be on time and you might want to develop a few sound bites like, “I love the decor in this office” or “I love the motivational-theme pictures” in the hallway. Always make sure wait until your interviewer sits before you take a seat and don’t offer to shake hands until the interviewer does.

If you notice that the interviewer looks harried, connect by saying, “I looks like you are having one of these days, I have been there. I understand your frustrations”. Interviewer hire people they like first and foremost. Happy job interviewing.

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Answers to Common Job Interview Questions

A lot of job candidates always think that as long as they go into the job interview and “be themselves” everything will work out just fine! Wrong! The interviewer (“employer”) is not your friend. He or she is trying to make a R.O.I (“Return on Investment”) decision by meeting you. It is strictly business. The interviewer wants to know if you are going to be a good fit for the organization. Are you going to be productive? Are you going to be a good team player? The interviewer is going to ask a lot of clever questions and you need to learn how to outwit the interviewer so that you can get to the front of the line for job consideration.

One of the best ways for the interviewer to find out who you really are is to ask questions. Being prepared to answer common job interview questions is one of the best ways to prepare for your next job interview. This sample job interview “question and answer” gives you an idea of how to get into the zone to nail and ace your next job interview:

Question: “What is it that makes you seek a position with our company?”
Answer: “ABC Company is regarded to be a leader in this industry. Your growth has been about 25% above that of your nearest competitor and I admire how ABC Company fosters a culture of teamwork and promote from within the organization. I would like the opportunity to become a part of this unique, first class organization.”

To excel in your next job interview you need to excel at preparation. To excel, you must practice, practice, practice. Prepare a list of job interview questions and prepare the answers well in advance of your job interview. Arm yourself with solid information about the company? Look for the latest press releases on the Internet. Get into the zone. Prep for success!

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Job Interview Questions to ask that make you look good…

The job interview is probably the most important part of your job search campaign. Do you  know what questions to ask the employer? Do you know how to use your body language appropriately when you ask your questions to ensure that you make the right persuasive point to the employer?

By asking the right questions, you can be very persuasive in letting the employer know that you are more deserving of the job than any other job candidates.

Here are five of the best questions for your next job interview:

1. What would be the most challenging aspect of this job? (Point of persuasion: “Suggests that you are already thinking ahead to excelling in your position”)

2. How does your company measure performance? (Point of persuasion: “You are ready right now to start making a name for yourself in this job and achieve your benchmarks”).

3. What are the opportunities for growth? (Point of persuasion: “You are a go-getter and you know that hard work always pays off in the long run. You are ready to do what it takes to become a winner in this job”). 

4. What are your expectations of a new employee? (Point of persuasion: “You are ready to take it to the next level and you are willing to do whatever it takes to excel in your organization”.)

5. What is your company’s mission statement? (Point of persuasion: “You are ready starting today to get on-board and start achieving milestones and benchmarks”).

As you can see there is an in-depth statement after each question so that you know the underlying meaning for the question that you ask the employer!

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How to be more persuasive in your next job interview!

So many job candidates are trying to get that edge that they need to get their foot in the door and secure their Dream Job. So much emphasis has been put on the resume and job prospecting and while these two components of job search process are important; not enough attention is put on the most nerve-wrecking 15 minutes of an job interview.

Some interviews can even last up to 1 hour or more. Are you prepared?

Look at the impact of positive and negative social proof behavior on groups. For example, if you saw a sign on I-95 prohibiting littering and another sign advertising a community outreach program designed to keep the highways and beaches of Florida clean, which sign appeals more to you – so you don’t toss that Snickers candy wrapper out the window at 65 mph? Researchers have found that the sign reflecting a positive affirmation of the community working together to keep the highways and beaches clean converts higher than the sign that simply prohibits littering. Positive social proof suggests that people want to “belong to a group”. People want to feel like they belong and feel connected to people just like them with similar interests and similar goals in life.


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NEHA/AAS Scholarship Awards

Are you interested in a career in environmental health? The National Environmental Health Association and the American Academy of Sanitarians is offering the NEHA/AAS Scholarship for students who are interested in either an undergraduate or graduate program in environmental health sciences and/or public health.

For more information about this scholarship program, please go to

The deadline for this scholarship is February 1st so you should contact the NEHA as soon as possible to request a scholarship information kit. The amount and number of awards varies.

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Measuring Job Targets for Viability

The job market is very competitive right now and you really need to evaluate your options closely. One of the best strategies is to list three to five target jobs that are really interesting to you. Do you have a list of companies that you would like to work for at this time? These are very important considerations to make. Why? By clearing defining your focus, you can trim loss of time finding a really great job.

Once you have defined your targets, you can further evaluate your options by looking at industry associations, trade publications and magazines deserving their respective industries and contacting your local Chamber of Commerce and get a list of events and functions in your area. These are all great opportunities for you to network with potential employers.

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