Do Guaranteed Scholarships Exist?

So many of our subscribers have asked us about guaranteed scholarships. The truth is that there is really no such thing as a guaranteed scholarship where you just show up and you are guaranteed to get the scholarship.

Now on the other hand, there are a lot of scholarships out there where as long as you meet the criteria or SAT score, you earn a scholarship.

There are a lot of colleges and universities that awards scholarships if you meet a minimum criteria and plan to attend their school. As stated in an earlier post, one of your tasks when applying for scholarships is to find out the mission of the organization.

The majority of so-called “guaranteed scholarships” are offered by colleges and universities or state governments to nurture the brightest talent to earn a higher level of achievement. By attracting the best talent with guaranteed scholarships, these colleges are able to maintain the best and the brightest.

State-entitlement awards make up a big chunk of the “guaranteed scholarship” money pool out there. For example, in the State of Georgia U.S.A., the Hope Scholarship Program automatically awards money to high school students with a “B” average or higher. There are a lot of states that offer similar entitlement programs.

Other types of these “guaranteed scholarships” are Naional Medit Scholarships, GPA and Exam-based Scholarshps and Transfer Student Awards.

These types of scholarships does not mean that anyone can win. Applicants still have to met the minimum criteria such as GPA and SAT scores.

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