Eligibility Indexes for Scholarships

The scholarship process is very complicated to say the least. Your scholarship search should be very structured because there are basically ten categories or index groups that cover your eligibility for scholarships.

These eligibility indexes are (1) disabilities, (2) field of study/intended career, (3) military participation, (4) gender, (5) minority status, (6) national/ethnic background, (7) organization/civic affiliation, (8) religious affiliation, (9) returning adult and (10) state of residence.

When you start the scholarship search process, you want to take a blank piece of paper and a pen and list all ten of these index groups. Describe in detail how you relate to each index group by asking yourself a few questions: “What field of study do I intend to study in college?”, “Do I belong to any organization that offers scholarships and grants to its members?”, “Does my church offer scholarships?”, “Do I qualify for scholarships based on my ethnicity or gender?”.

You should jot down notes for each index group to determine on a scale of one to ten the possibility of getting scholarship money.

The key to your success in finding and getting scholarship awards lies in your perseverance and leaving no stone unturned when it comes to inquiring about each source of scholarship money. Check your respective State Department of Student Financial Assistance Authority for more information.

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