Interns get scholarships too!

Most high school schools have heard of internships. Internships are very competitive and many times they can develop into getting a scholarship from the corporation or organization that sponsors the internship. Even if an internship is unpaid, see the silver lining in the opportunity! It will unlock doors of opportunities very soon with the right effort and the right attention.

Regardless of whether the internship is paid or unpaid work or whether or not you are a high school senior or an undergraduate pursuing a degree at an accredited institution, you should give serious thought to how you can leverage your position as an intern and network with the right people in the company and build high perceived value in your work and your services to earn yourself a scholarship to attend college.

So many of today’s top business leaders have  used this leverage as an “intern” to gain scholarship opportunities directly within the company.  As an intern, it is the most fortunate position possible because you can become aware of the full dimensions of your organization’s business and position yourself as an valuable asset. An intern that the company needs to return when available. An intern who is worthy of a scholarship investment with the intention to return to the company and build the organization for two to three years (nominal committment) after graduation!

Here lies the true wonder of an internship! Using it to leverage oneself for other opportunities down the road such as corporate scholarships and completion bonuses, etc.

For more information about Federal Programs that offer internships and scholarships, please visit the U.S Department of Agriculture at

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