The Best Places to Find Scholarships

So many of our subscribers ask us, “Should I go national or local with my scholarship search?” Based on our research, those who go “local” win more scholarships and more free cash to go the college. Think of it this way – the large national organizations offering 50 – 100 scholarship more awards with large endowments have substantial marketing budgets so they can get the word out about their program with newspaper advertising and print ads and get a lot more applicants. Yes, there are more scholarship awards but there are substantially more applicants. There lies the trade-off!  You will find that the most fantastic scholarships are right in your backyard.

Think about all of the local associations and clubs in your area like the Lion’s Club and other organizations. Sure, a $500 scholarship here and a $1,000 scholarship here doesn’t add up t paying $25,000 a year for your college expenses, but just take a look at all of the different organizations that might be offering $500 – $1,000 scholarships in your area: (1) Boys Scouts and Girls Club, (2) Elks Club, (3) Lions Club, (4) Fraternal Order of Eagles, (5) Kiwanis International, (6) National Exchange Club, (7) Rotary Club, (8) U.S. Jaycees, (9) USA Freedom Corps, (10) YMCA and YWCA and so many more. If you win several $500 and $1,000 scholarships, they can really add up best of all, so many of these scholarships are renewable so you can bank on them each and every year that you are a full-time student in college maintain satisfactory progress!

You can check local businesses and your employer for fantastic scholarships right there in your own backyard. When you go “national” you might be up against a lot of competition, however if you stay local, the awards might be smaller but the application process is much less competitive which offers you a much better chance of getting a small scholarship like $500 – $1,000. If you are still in high school, you can tap into resources at your own high school but don’t forget to utilize the resources of “other” high schools in your area.

You are going to be surprised by how many local organizations, corporations and associations in your area offer scholarships for their community keeping with their community outreach initiatives.

For more information about how to maximize your search for scholarships in your area, read this informative article, “Finding Scholarships: Fine Tuning your Search Strategies for Scholarships”.

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