The Winning Scholarship Resume

So what exactly is a scholarship resume anyway? Most applicants think that the “application” is the tell-all, but it really isn’t. Ask any scholarship judge or Selection Committee member and they will tell you that in many cases, the “scholarship resume” is the most important part of the application packet. The application itself is just “data on paper”, the scholarship resume speaks to them about who YOU really are!

Simply put – the “scholarship resume” is the most important part of your scholarship application packet. It’s what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants (which can number in the 1000′s). Judges use this one-page scholarship resume to see the “real” you. They want to get to know you and see how proud you are of your accomplishments. Judges want to know if you celebrate your accommplishments or hide behind them as if they were a wall – paralyzed by a fear of failure. Hence, the scholarship resume allows them to take a peak at your character and sense of self – without even meeting you face-to-face!

The scholarship resume is your ticket to success when it comes to getting that competitive edge among other applicants. Ultimately, it is a quick overview of your achievements and interests. Yes, your entire life fits on one-page, but if you do it right – “that’s all you really need” to win a scholarship!

Taking a closer look at the mechanics of a scholarship resume, it has your contact information, objective, education, academic achievements and extracurricular activities, work experience and skills and interests. A really well-written scholarship resume is going to focus on how you demonstrate leadership and meet your responsibilities and celebrate your achievements. It shows why you are the most qualified applicant for the scholarship.

If you do one thing and one thing only when it comes to preparing your scholarship resume, make sure that you are proud of your accomplishments and celebrate the tears and sweat that you put into earning them. Scholarship judges don’t want to review applications of students who are shy about celebrating their hard work and harnessing the confidence they need to meet their future challenges and strive to be the very best. Be proud and shine. If you don’t brag about your accomplishments, no one else will do it for you.

Be creative with your scholarship resume and ask your friends and family to proofread your scholarship resume. More opinions translates into better ways of conveying an idea. For most of these scholarships, you are going to need two to three letters of recommendations. Please make sure that you share the final draft of your scholarship resume with your recommenders to that they can brag about you in their letters of recommendation. There is power in unity!

Strive and strive even higher and higher for perfection to create the winning scholarship resume! Believe it or not, scholarship judges are going to be attracted to this one-page “cheat sheet” like a magnet. Make your 15 seconds count for something and create the ultimate Scholarship Resume!

Learn about how to get the “Winning Scholarship Resume”.  Download this free e-book, “College Money Sources“.

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