Why They’re Giving Away Money

So many applicants simply apply for scholarships without taking the time to really find out why an association or an organization is really giving away money. Once you do a little research and figure out why an organization is giving away money, you can figure out how to form a really good strategy to win the scholarship. You can craft your application to reflect why you are the most deserving applicant for the award. It is so simple, but it is the most overlooked factor of the scholarship process.

If we take a close a look at figuring out “why they’re giving away money”, you can package your application to cater to what the judges want….simple enough.

For example, the Rotary Club Ambassadorial Scholarship focuses on a firm understanding of international issues and an interest in foreign affairs. Another great example of figuring out the theme of a scholarship program is the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation that highlights academic achievement and community service above all else when it comes to awarding scholarships.

Please pay close attention to the “core mission” of the organization that is offering the scholarship so that you can package your scholarship application materials to appeal to the judges. If it reminds you of “grooming your resume” for a specific job opportunity, the process is very similar. For example, if you do some research on a specific employer and you discover from your contacts that the prospective employer puts more emphasis on experience versus academic credentials, then by all means you want to draft a unique resume JUST for this job opportunity. In other words, it is all about marketing yourself for success.

For this simple reason, your scholarship resume is so very important. So many books have been written on how to find scholarships, however there is so little material out there about scholarship resumes.  Scholarship resumes are so very important because it allows the judges to really get to know you very quickly and many judges use it to determine if they are even going to commit to reading your essay.

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