The unemployment rate..what does it mean to you…

There has been so much news about the drop in unemployment but most job seekers out there know that there is major competition out there for the really good jobs. So many jobs are not advertised in the newspaper and information about these placements are only known by a handful of “insider” recruiters. Recruiters play a very important role in job placement. As technology changes, you will find jobs via networking with contacts on the major social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The technology is changing so fast and it is a full-time job just trying to keep up with it.  Job Search is a brutal competition so prepare for it like you are going into battle. Arm yourself with the latest resources and information to make yourself competitive. After all, you play the game to win!

The unemployment rate has dropped but so many people have simply given up looking for a job. They have checked the newspapers – even the mini flyer mags you see in the laundry mat (the ones with ads to go back to school to become a Medical Assistant or Pharmacy Tech). Millions of people remain underemployed working in jobs that are either part-time or not in their field of study. What does this mean to you? It means you have to “arm yourself” with every resource possible – social media, executive recruiters, career fairs – even volunteer opportunities. That’s right – you can volunteer to work for a firm for free for three months – really get to know your job “inside and out” – build value and position yourself for success. Sometimes success comes when you think out of the box! 

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