Outsourcing and the Loss of Jobs

With the Presidential Election looming, most Americans want to know the real deal about whether the low skill high wage jobs of the 1980’s and 1990’s that so many Americans took for granted will ever return. Simply put – no. Right now, the job market is flourishing in the sectors where “specialization” is the name of the game. You will find jobs available in healthcare, education and energy. These are the top areas of job growth for this year. Just like in real estate, the name of the game is “location, location, location” – the name of the game in the job marketplace is “specialization, specialization, specialization”.

The outsourcing of American jobs will continue was globalization picks up however, the job marketplace is being redefined by the Internet and social media. With a little perseverance and ingenuity, you can market your skills to the world. For example, look at some of the freelance websites where you can offer your talent to employers worldwide. There are computer programmers who live in South India working for Microsoft in Seattle, Washington. With globalization, the job marketplace is being redefined. Think out of the box and take a close look at “Job Technology – What you Should Know”. Job seekers have to think more like “entrepreneurs” in this economy.

Perhaps think about going back to school for an Associate of Science degree in Computer Science. There are a lot of career colleges out there offering fast track programming classes in C++ and other programming platforms. Do you have an idea for an app for a smartphone? Did you know you can develop an app and market it online if you know how to program in C++. Perhaps you might qualify for a grant to study (or even become a teacher) computer science. Something to look into…

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