How to be more persuasive in your next job interview!

So many job candidates are trying to get that edge that they need to get their foot in the door and secure their Dream Job. So much emphasis has been put on the resume and job prospecting and while these two components of job search process are important; not enough attention is put on the most nerve-wrecking 15 minutes of an job interview.

Some interviews can even last up to 1 hour or more. Are you prepared?

Look at the impact of positive and negative social proof behavior on groups. For example, if you saw a sign on I-95 prohibiting littering and another sign advertising a community outreach program designed to keep the highways and beaches of Florida clean, which sign appeals more to you – so you don’t toss that Snickers candy wrapper out the window at 65 mph? Researchers have found that the sign reflecting a positive affirmation of the community working together to keep the highways and beaches clean converts higher than the sign that simply prohibits littering. Positive social proof suggests that people want to “belong to a group”. People want to feel like they belong and feel connected to people just like them with similar interests and similar goals in life.


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