Start your job interview on the right foot.

Do you have a job interview coming up? You have a little anxiety? Your friends are telling you to just be yourself? Being yourself is the poor advice. You need to go into that job interview like its show biz and it’s a casting call you really want this part in the movie.

You have to go into the job interview like you want to win that Oscar Award and show of golden guy to all of your friends.

Just like in show biz, you need to know your lines. In other words, prepare an entire list of potential sample questions and prepare a two-three sentence answer to each one. Don’t memorize but know each answer cold so if any of the questions arise in the interview, you can switch into your “microcomputer” mode and mental quick-pick the question (or variation) and respond with solid confidence.

First impressions are everything when it comes to the job interview. Find out in advance what to wear and be on time and you might want to develop a few sound bites like, “I love the decor in this office” or “I love the motivational-theme pictures” in the hallway. Always make sure wait until your interviewer sits before you take a seat and don’t offer to shake hands until the interviewer does.

If you notice that the interviewer looks harried, connect by saying, “I looks like you are having one of these days, I have been there. I understand your frustrations”. Interviewer hire people they like first and foremost. Happy job interviewing.

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