The Questions to Ask after Job Interview

If you have survived the job interview and your instincts suggest very strongly that you will be asked back for a 2nd interview or even offered a job, there are three questions you need to ask the interviewer.

These three questions are so important that if you fail to ask these three questions, there is a good chance you will never hear from the interviewer or a member of their HR staff ever again. You should consider it the “closing of your sales pitch” and without a closing and “wrap-up” session, you will not get the sale. No closing, no job!

How discouraging would it be to spend 30 minutes really working hard to become likable in your job interview (“people hire people they like”) and failing to “close” and thereby squander all of your hard-earned camaraderie simply because you made a critical mistake that only takes about 60 seconds!

These three questions are:

(1) What is the next step in the hiring process?
(2) When do you expect to make a decision?
(3) May I feel free to call if I have further questions?

These three questions are going to take you to the 2nd interview perhaps with a higher level manager or the job offer. It’s one of the two. It shows initiative on your part. It reflects your real desire to get the job. These three questions will set you apart from the other job candidates and leave a positive imprint on the interviewer’s mind. As the interviewer answers these questions, he or she makes a commitment to you.

As a result of the law of reciprocity, the interviewer will honor you by keeping his or her commitment to you whether it is a follow-up call on Friday by 5 p.m. or letter in the mail, simply because you honored him or her by asking sensible and proactive questions that clearly conveyed that you appreciated the opportunity to interview for the position.


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