Green Dream Jobs

With the surge in renewable energy and the U.S. Government support of cleaner and sustainable sources of energy to reduce our dependency on foreign oil, there are a lot of Green Dream Jobs available. You can find employment building solar panels, wind mills and organic jobs. You could work as a marketing representative for a company that works with homeowners to refit their homes to make them green energy friendly and earn significant tax breaks. For more information about green jobs, go to and click on “Green Dream Jobs”.

Another great site for green employment is You will be able to search for green “eco-friendly” jobs in your own home town. Green jobs represents one of the most underrepresented areas of job growth in today’s job marketplace.

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Bill Kane Undergraduate Scholarship

Health care is booming right now. Have you considered a career in the exciting field of healthcare?

If so, you should consider the Bill Kane Scholarship for full-time undergraduate health majors in their sophomore, junior and senior years. You are required to have a GPA of at least 3.25. Essay is required.

The maximum amount of the award is $1,000 and the deadline is November 15.

For more information about this scholarship, please visit

This scholarship is sponsored by the American Association for Health Education.

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Your Authentic Vocation

Have you given much thought to your Authentic Vocation. There is an entire science behind finding out what is your perfect vocation based on your personality. Are you an introvert? Do you like Math or do you like English? What was your favorite class in high school and college? All of these questions have meaning when a career coach takes a closer look at your personal and most authentic vocation that is right just for you.

In these troubling times, so many job seekers are questioning their positions in their company. Is this the right job for me in my life? Is this the direction I want to take with my career? Getting to know your Authentic Vocation is getting to know the real you!

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Outsourcing and the Loss of Jobs

With the Presidential Election looming, most Americans want to know the real deal about whether the low skill high wage jobs of the 1980’s and 1990’s that so many Americans took for granted will ever return. Simply put – no. Right now, the job market is flourishing in the sectors where “specialization” is the name of the game. You will find jobs available in healthcare, education and energy. These are the top areas of job growth for this year. Just like in real estate, the name of the game is “location, location, location” – the name of the game in the job marketplace is “specialization, specialization, specialization”.

The outsourcing of American jobs will continue was globalization picks up however, the job marketplace is being redefined by the Internet and social media. With a little perseverance and ingenuity, you can market your skills to the world. For example, look at some of the freelance websites where you can offer your talent to employers worldwide. There are computer programmers who live in South India working for Microsoft in Seattle, Washington. With globalization, the job marketplace is being redefined. Think out of the box and take a close look at “Job Technology – What you Should Know”. Job seekers have to think more like “entrepreneurs” in this economy.

Perhaps think about going back to school for an Associate of Science degree in Computer Science. There are a lot of career colleges out there offering fast track programming classes in C++ and other programming platforms. Do you have an idea for an app for a smartphone? Did you know you can develop an app and market it online if you know how to program in C++. Perhaps you might qualify for a grant to study (or even become a teacher) computer science. Something to look into…

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COMTO Engineering Scholarship

The Conference for Minority Transportation Officials in Washington D.C is offering engineering scholarships.

This scholarship program is open to college students and adult students with an award amount of $5,000.

For more information about COMTO Engineering scholarships, visit their website at  

Applicants should have at least 3.0 GPA to be considered for this engineering scholarship program.


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The job market and you….the season is changing

The job market is going to change in the next few months. Many of the large corporations are going to do their budgets in October and November and they are going to project the number of new hires they will need to keep their business going in 2013. This is going to be a great time for you, the “job seeker” to really access your talents and look inward to see what you can bring to the job marketplace.

Take a look at “Three Job Search Tips for 2012” and update your own strategies.

Many economists believe that the job market is going to be great in 2013. It is going to require more workers with specialized skills. The key to success in this job market is “specialization”.

There are millions of jobs available but the job marketplace lacks workers with the skills needed to succeed in these jobs. It all comes down to job seekers reevaluating their skill set. Again, take a close look at your resume and make your first impression count. 


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The unemployment rate..what does it mean to you…

There has been so much news about the drop in unemployment but most job seekers out there know that there is major competition out there for the really good jobs. So many jobs are not advertised in the newspaper and information about these placements are only known by a handful of “insider” recruiters. Recruiters play a very important role in job placement. As technology changes, you will find jobs via networking with contacts on the major social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The technology is changing so fast and it is a full-time job just trying to keep up with it.  Job Search is a brutal competition so prepare for it like you are going into battle. Arm yourself with the latest resources and information to make yourself competitive. After all, you play the game to win!

The unemployment rate has dropped but so many people have simply given up looking for a job. They have checked the newspapers – even the mini flyer mags you see in the laundry mat (the ones with ads to go back to school to become a Medical Assistant or Pharmacy Tech). Millions of people remain underemployed working in jobs that are either part-time or not in their field of study. What does this mean to you? It means you have to “arm yourself” with every resource possible – social media, executive recruiters, career fairs – even volunteer opportunities. That’s right – you can volunteer to work for a firm for free for three months – really get to know your job “inside and out” – build value and position yourself for success. Sometimes success comes when you think out of the box! 

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The Job Seekers Workshop (a peek at the topics)….

As mentioned, we are working on a free workshop for job seekers called the Job Seekers Workshop. We are really trying to keep up with all of the changes in the job placement industry and we want the workshop to be 100% relevant to the times and feature “real” information that you can use in your job search.

Here is a preliminary list of topics to be covered in the Job Seekers Workshop:

Topic #1: “Online Job Search: Tips and Tricks to Make it Easy”
Topic #2: “Job Search Mindset – Surviving the Storms”
Topic #3: “Strategies to Find Job Search Success in the New Economy”
Topic #4: “Job Search Guide and How to Find That Job”
Topic #5: “Effective Job Search Techniques”
Topic #6: “Conducting an Organized Job Search”
Topic #7: “Advantages of Online Job Search Sites”

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The Upcoming Job Seekers Workshop

Here at Executive Search Systems we are putting together a special workshop called the Job Seekers’ Workshop and it is going to feature some great topics that are just in time for job hunters and job seekers. Please make sure that you (+) follow our blog so that you can get instant email updates and we will inform you as soon as the Job Seekers’ Workshop will be ready for your review.

If you are new to this blog, please take a few moments to learn about the importance of using social media  in your job search.

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